Jun 12

Access to Trainers web page

All workshop participants can have access to the resources on the Trainers web page. Simply click on the Trainers tab. You will be asked to create a user name and password for the site; then click login. You may also want to check the Remember Me box. You should receive an email indicating that you have been authorized. If you do not receive a reply in a day or two, please contact info@diglitny.org.

The Trainers page includes trainer sections of the Digital Literacy curriculum: lesson plans, resource lists, and quizz answers. It also includes all of the materials from the How To Teach Adults workshop.

Jun 12

[New York] City Announces Plan to Increase Broadband Access


Georgia Kral | June 21, 2012 3:54 PM
Broadband connectivity will bolster the tech economy in the city by bringing faster internet to underserved areas. Image composite by Ricardo E. Gálvez

At a forum of the Association for a Better New York on Thursday, the city announced a series of five initiatives intended to support the growing technology sector and provide better high-speed Internet access for both businesses and city residents.  Identified as obstacles in the city’s rise as a technology center are infrastructure issues and the low adoption rates of broadband connectivity in impoverished areas of the city.

In order to make sure the tech economy continues on its upward path, the city plans to remove operational and regulatory hurdles to speed the expansion of physical infrastructure, both in emerging high-tech areas in the city and in industrial and manufacturing neighborhoods — where streets are not even wired yet for broadband.  Mobile platforms will be developed to help boost access to job and worker support information for city residents without computers or laptops.

For more information, http://www.thirteen.org/metrofocus/2012/06/city-announces-plan-to-increase-broadband-access/

Jun 12

More workshops announced

The next round of digital literacy train-the-trainer workshops has been scheduled. Workshops will be held at

Baldwinsville Public Library, Baldwinsville, NY on July 25

Mid-Hudson Library System, Poughkeepsie, NY on August 8

Buffalo-Erie County Central Library, Buffalo, NY on August 23

Suffolk Cooperative Library System, Bellport, NY on October 11

For more information, and to register, click here.

For more information about the program, click here.

Jun 12

Second workshop at Mid-Hudson Library System added to schedule

A second Digital Literacy workshop will be held at the Mid-Hudson Library System in Poughkeepsie on August 8, 2012. For more information, and to register for the workshop, please go to


Jun 12

Connecting the Digital Divide to Digital Literacies

"The term “digital divide” has long been used to describe the gap between those with access to communications technology and those without—applying to both home computer ownership as well as the delivery of home broadband access, which is still an issue. In fact, though 65 percent of households (pdf) have broadband access, that figure drops to 40 percent in households with less than $20,000 in annual income.

More recently, the term has referred to the gap in the type of engagement with the digital world. It has come to mean the divide between those who use technology to learn and create and those who use it more for entertainment or staying up to date on social networking sites. It might easily be summed up as the gap between creators and consumers"

For complete article, go here.


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