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About the Project
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About the Project

If you have attended one of the Digital Literacy workshops, please go to

to answer a very brief evaluation survey about the program. Thank you.

Reimbursement Policies


Goals of our project

One goal of the New York State Broadband Initiative is “to create more ‘e-citizens’ who are digitally literate and connected to affordable Internet access, so they can be full participants in the information age.” In support of this initiative, our project sets the following goals:

  • To identify a digital literacy skill set that provides guidelines for gauging basic digital competencies.
  • To develop a uniform and standardized curriculum that can be used statewide by library staff to train the public.
  • To provide train-the-trainer workshops on the recommended curriculum to New York public library staff.
  • To deploy a website that provides information to trainers and the public about the standards, training schedules, curriculum, and course-related materials.

About the Grant

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provided the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) with funds to expand access to broadband services in the United States. The Act provided $4.7 billion of the funds to NTIA to support the deployment of broadband infrastructure, enhance and expand public computer centers, encourage sustainable adoption of broadband service, and develop and maintain a nationwide public map of broadband service capability and availability. NTIA now administers grant programs that further the deployment and use of broadband and other technologies in America, laying the groundwork for sustainable economic growth; improved education, public safety, and health care; and the advancement of other national priorities. Specifically, the agency manages the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) which provides funding opportunities for library-related grants.

About this Project

New York Libraries: Leading the Way to Digital Literacy

Funded through BTOP, this project is a partnership between the New York State Office of Cyber Security and the New York Library Association to “convene, support, coordinate and enhance programs that provide digital literacy training.” This innovative project integrates and expands multiple New York statewide technology and broadband sustainability initiatives as well as leverages current private, state, and federal technology-related grant programs. The goals of the project are:

  1. Develop curricula to be used statewide by library staff to train the public thereby providing uniform and standardized digital literacy content throughout the state.
  2. Provide train-the-trainer workshops, over three years, to 1440 librarians (10% of all NY librarians) across 755 public libraries in New York to facilitate the formal adoption of state-based curriculum into the compulsory continuing education state certification process.

About the Digital Literacy Task Force

The Task Force was established as part of NYLA’s federal stimulus-funded grant project New York Libraries: Leading the Way to Digital Literacy.

The charge to the Advisory Committee was two-part:

  • Revise and update the digital literacy standards proposed in 2008 and develop an accompanying skill set document.

  • PDevelop the digital literacy curriculum to be used in the project.

The Chairperson for the Advisory Committee is Mary Linda Todd, Library Development Specialist for the New York State Library. Jill Hurst-Wahl, Assistant Professor, Syracuse University School of Information Studies is the consultant working with the Advisory Committee to update the Digital Literacy Standards and to develop the curriculum.

Other task force members are Meribeth Advocate (Mid-Hudson Library System, Outreach & Education Coordinator); Michael Borges (NYLA, Executive Director); Donald Eck (Wayland Free, Library PCC Director); Polly-Alida Farrington (P. A. Farrington Associates, Consultant); Sally Gillich (Clifton Park-Halfmoon Library, Assistant Director); Scott Jarzombek (Pawling Public Library, Director); Tom Lawrence (Poughkeepsie Public Library, Director); Jaclyn McLaughlin (Lockport Public Library, PCC Director); Libby Post (President & CEO, Communication Services, Marketing/Branding Consultant); Ruth Small, Syracuse University, Director, Center for Digital Literacy); Lindsay Stratton (Pioneer Library System, Training Coordinator); Mary Anne Waltz (NYLA , Digital Literacy Instructor and Project Assistant).