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Internet Intro: Resources
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Internet Intro: Resources

What is the Internet?

What Is the Difference Between the Internet and the Web?
By Paul Gil,, Internet for Beginners
Very brief introduction to how the Internet came into existence and why the Web & the Internet are not the same things.

Internet History
By Computer History Musuem
Details the history of the Internet from 1962-1992

Video: World Wide Web in Plain English
By CommonCraft
This is a three-minute video that provides an overview of how information is shared over the Web. The video introduces terms like browser, web address and server.

Video: What is a Browser?
By Google
Explains what a browser is and what it does. The video is from Google, but does not market any particular browser.

Anatomy of a Web Browser: Understanding Browser Terms
By Shawn Smith
A thorough review of browser terminology with illustrations.

Password High Striker tool
For a bit of fun, try this tool that helps you identify a strong password.

Guard That Password (and Make Sure It’s Encrypted)
By Randall Stross,
Information on creating strong passwords. (NY Times may require that you register to view this article. Registration is free.)

Creative Commons
Explanations and licensing terms for content available on the Internet

Copyright and Creative Commons
By CommonCraft
Short video helps students understand copyright issues.

Copyright Basics
By The US Copyright Office
Quite a detailed introduction to Copyright.

Reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation.

By a collaboration of US government agencies. is the federal government’s website to help you be safe, secure and responsible online.

Internet 101
By Goodwill Community Foundation
This web page contains two short videos, which could be used in a workshop. The videos are:
• Browser Basics (2 min.)
• Searching the Web (3 min.)

Common Internet Safety Terms
By Goodwill Community Foundation International
One web page that defines a variety of terms used when people discuss safety on the Internet.

Common Craft: Useful Ready Made Videos
Common Craft videos have helped teachers and trainers delight millions by making complex ideas easy to understand.

Senior Connects Lesson Plans
Lesson plans include Computer Basics, The Internet, E-mail Basics and Social Networking Skills
Useful how-to videos from Google. The site allows users to select from more than 50 basic how-to videos. The videos cover topics from copying and pasting to sharing large files.


Health resource sites from NYS and the US Government

MedlinePlus Guide to Healthy Web Surfing
By National Institute of Health
This two-page document provides eight (8) tips for evaluating the quality of health information on web sites. This handout would be useful to anyone who is using the Internet to research health and medical information.

Health Finder


MedlinePlus en español

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

NOVELny (NOVEL New York)
By New York State Library
Also contains health related resources. Be sure to show participants this resource that is available for free to all New Yorkers.