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The following resources are available to provide information to your staff and to support your training program. 

Introduction to the Program (pptx)

Tour of the DigLitNY website (pptx)

Introduction to the Digital Literacy curriculum (pptx)

Train the Trainer 

Basic Skills: Using a Computer

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2010

What is the Internet?

Communicating on the Internet

 * Computer Class Evaluation print, online

Certificates for Completion of Digital Literacy Course


How to Teach Adults

How to Teach Adult Learners booklet


Principles of Adult Learning (Malcolm S. Knowles, 2005. The Adult Learner.)

How Adults Learn (William A. Draves, 1984. Learning Resources Network.)

Teaching Adult Learners: Tips and Techniques (Trainer's Guide for Cancer Education, National Cancer Institute.)

What's Your Learning Style? (Marcia L. Conner, 2008.

Self Assessment of Adult Learning (Preparing To Train Adults, Instructional Presentation Skills)

Ten Tips for New Trainers / Teachers

Competency Model Checklist for Trainers or Instructors (Jean Barbazette, 2005. The Trainer's Journey to Competence.)

Network Observer, May 1994: docx, pdf 

Resource bibliography: docx, pdf

PowerPoint Presentations

How to Teach Adult Learners

Quick Tips for a Senior Friendly Computer Classroom

Technology Training Resources for Library Staff

Tech Training for Libraries (Colorado Virtual Library)

Colorado Libraries 2.0 (Reach! - Leading Learning in Libraries)

WebJunction: the learning place for library staff, free webinars to libraries, sponsored by the NY State Library

InfoPeople: Free training (in-person and webinars) and resources, supported by IMLS and LSTA

Other Resources

Digital Literacy Online Assessment Tool (Northstar Digital Literacy Project)

  • Communicating Lesson Plan: doc, pdf